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Geert Roovers (Eindhoven, 4th of July, 1968) graduated in 1993 as a Civil Engineer at the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands. He graduated on the advantages and disadvantages of depoldering the Hedwigepolder for the Scheldt-estuary. As a consultant at Antea Group he subsequently worked on planning and developments in coastal and river areas. The basis of his work was formed by the interaction between developing plans, decision-making and stakeholders.


Together with Hermjan Barneveld he wrote a second-opinion on the bypass at Veessen-Wapenveld, River IJssel. For a short time, this took him to the centre of a political debate: he presented his opinion to members of Parliament and was interviewed in several news media. Around this time Geert started combining his work as a consultant with scientific research. First within the research program of Next Generation Infrastructures - Public Values, afterwards in his own Phd-research. And both together with the Technical University of Delft, faculty of Technics, Politics and Management. In 2012 Geert published his Phd-research on the interaction between knowledge, system approaches and decision-making. And again, depoldering the Hedwigepolder played an important role in his research.

Last years Geert's focus has been more and more on organisational and management issues. For example, he was involved in the development of cooperation between shipping organisations in the Scheldt-estuary and organisational development of Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. Furthermore, he did several training and coaching jobs for organisations working on water and infrastructure, in the Netherlands as well as in other European countries. Recently he worked on a strategic asset management framework for replacement of infrastructure within water and navigation systems in the Netherlands, anticipating on long term uncertainties and stakeholders ambitions.


At the 1st of September 2015 Geert started as professor on subsurface issues at the Saxion University of Applied Science at Deventer, the Netherlands. In this, he focuses on the role of subsurface issues in spatial planning and decision-making, and the sustainable development of the subsurface in this.


Besides his work as consultant and researcher, Geert publishes articles in several media and on his own website. On his website he also writes about his other passions: football, music and movies. Geert is following PSV Eindhoven since 1977. He saw Ralf Edström make four goals against Ajax, Romario three times against Steaua Bucharest and Platini four times against Van Beveren. He writes about colourful quotes, splendid characters and the dashing sunday afternoons which make football so remarkable.


Geert lives together with Marjon, they have five beautiful children.



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